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New Class Offerings


Contact me about tutoring or group classes for your 9-15 year old! All courses are designed to encourage thinking, research skills, revising, and fun with writing!

WRITING SPIES: Study spies and spy gear of the past and present, and explore spy stories with a published author and WWI spy story author. Through free-writing, prompts, and poetry exercises, write stories or plays about characters who live in two worlds. Invent a super smart sixth-grader who secretly spies for the FBI, or a double agent working on behalf of the enemy. Choose to perform your masterpiece at the end of the week. . . or keep it top secret! 

INTERACTIVE GAME STORIES: Will your reader pick peril or paradise? Dive into a writing workshop where brainstorming meets adventure and results in a "branching story" in which your reader controls the characters' fate. Explore genres including realistic and speculative fiction, fantasy and science fiction—and classic stories in which characters choose what to do or where to go at the end of each chapter. Develop your research, writing, and creativity skills under the guidance of a published interactive game novelist!

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