Bleach for a Clean Slate

7:03 AM

Ever since my birthday last month, I've been thinking about how I'm just not the adult I expected to be at this point. While I'm not gonna be the first female president (sorry 10 yr old self!), I still want to have my shit together at least.

As a kid, there were certain things I believed all adults could do:  tell jokes (good, bad, punny, or naughty), perform party tricks, look awesome, be a total badass, etc... I'm a bit disappointed that at age 28 I can't even do a basic card trick. Over the years, I've built up a bit of a personal bucket list of unimportant / important things to do. I want to be able to pop the hood of my car and know what I'm looking at. I want to defend myself in dangerous situations. I want to roll a quarter across my knuckles. I feel like I should've learned all this in high school and college. What was I doing? teh. slacker.

Basically, these are some skills I want to master.

First & Foremost:  Hair

I rocked this short length for most of high school and never learned how to do real hairstyles. It was wet, scrunch, go.
My First Blue
Nowadays, I can take an hour (or two) to make it fancy, but basic and casual styles turn into flat weirdness. My hair lives in a high bun 95% of the time. Useful, but - lets be honest - I'm just lazy. Try to ignore the slight sunburn. I bought sunscreen today, I swear. 
 photo LazyBun1_zps730fcee2.jpg
My blue is 2 years old and makes me feel like a superhero when I look in the mirror. I'd love to play it up more. So, at least until I get bored or to be an expert, I am gonna try a different hairstyle everyday. 

But, I've gotta start fresh. This pinky purple is the result of hot, hard water showers and 2 months of no dye. I usually wash in freezing water only 1-2x per week with a sulfate free shampoo / conditioner. Honestly, it just laziness. With the move + full time job + freelance side hustle... I'd rather have hot showers.

Today, I'll bleach the roots with the help of my trusty sidekick (aka the poor, put upon bf), and I'll document the results here.

The Basics:

 photo SectionTwirlBleach2_zps25356e76.jpg
I like to comb out my rat's nest of week old, unwashed curls before attempting any processing. Twirling sections and pinning them back makes it easy to bleach in chunks. The BF definitely prefers that to trying to fight through the snarls.

He graciously offered to help with my bleaching / dying the very first time I decided to color all of my hair. Since he had years of experience with just about every color under the sun himself, I jumped at the offer. Gloves on, knee deep in bleach (figuratively),  "So, what am I doing?" Apparently, he had never done his own bright colors. He was amazingly gentle and has helped nearly every month (or so) since then.

 photo AfterBleach1_zps2c21f7be.jpg
The bleach stripped out the mousy dark blonde and turned some purple / blue into pink. This will add some sweet variations in the color once I add the new blue.

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