Missing Childhood & A Victory Curl

8:03 AM

It's takes a lot to be 28. There's no pretending to be a kid anymore. You're well past the point of no return. You're old.

All I've every wanted was to live like a kid. To live in a world with fairies and hobbits. To believe that Narnia is real; I just haven't found the right wardrobe. I naturally gravitate toward the fun and childish.

Which is funny since, as a child, all I dreamed up was growing up. I wanted that briefcase and powersuit. I don't know what I thought happened in a corner office. Tolkien Trivia Party? But I wanted it. I was going to change the world.

I have frickn brain overload from trying to switch healthcare, get sorted on this freelance business, and write a novel. I'm supposed to remember birthdays with cards and keep in touch with people all across the country. I can't even keep in touch with people in the same city! No joke. There is even a Facebook conversation titled "Colleen secretly moved to NYC" from a year ago, and - surprise, surprise - I still haven't seen any of those friends.

I am a terrible person.

I need to learn how to maintain a budget - not just fill one out. Those landlord / neighbor / friends downstairs? I should probably get to know them better. Moved to a primarily Spanish speaking neighborhood? Should probably learn at least conversational Spanish.

Growing up is hard. Made more difficult because I just don't want to. I'm not in the minority. Most people I know would rather be kids. Parents to look out for you and make sure the utilities bill gets paid on time. Rent? Job? Psh, I'll curl up in a ball until it all goes away. I bet Supernatural is up on Hulu...

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* I can't find the original source for the photo. 

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