Live Free or Dye Hard

7:57 AM

After successfully stripping out most of the color during the bleaching process, it's time to dye.

Normally, I use Manic Panic because you can find it anywhere, and it stays pretty well. However, Sparks is a new-to-me brand that the awesome girls at Ricky's were talking up. It's $3 cheaper than Manic Panic and worth an experiment. We'll see if it lasts well throughout the month.

I am hardcore about covering every possible surface before dying. A magic eraser will get out just about every stain, but some surfaces are more porous than others. After scrubbing a pink tub for days once, I try to be more proactive.

After getting prepped, don the gloves and coat my hair. I've mixed conditioner into my dyes before, but Sparks supposedly conditions as it dyes. I wanted to really see the new dye by itself.

 photo DyeBraidCap_zps7909e546.jpg

There's no easy way to see if I've combed it through everywhere. The BF was kind enough to point out my blonde spots. Then I braided it, put on a shower cap, and let it sit. I left it on for about 4 hours since I was just sitting around on the Internet.

 photo DyeRinseDry_zps8d444f58.jpg

Most of the Amazon reviews for Sparks mention it being heavily prone to staining. I rinsed in the stainless steel kitchen sink over the shower. It's much easier to rinse with a sprayer anyways.

Tip: Vaseline can remove some stains on your skin. I don't know why this works better than just water, but, if you do accidentally get dye on your neck, forehead, or ears, spread a little Vaseline over the area and then wipe it off completely. It doesn't remove all of the dye, but it will take off the majority.

BOOM! Superhero Blue

 photo HairGif128_zpsabb69c3f.gif

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