Half Up / Half Down

8:03 AM

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Day 3 Hair

Officially my first attempt at a new hairstyle. le sigh. My hair was a bit nappy when I woke up: frizzy in back and flat on top. Pulling that top layer of curls back should hide the frizz, right? Hopefully, there are still nice curls underneath.

Internal Thoughts:
Damn. I'm down to 6 bobbypins. How did I lose 300+ in the past year? I barely used them. !!! I just learned the ridged side is supposed to go against your head. WHAT? This is a game changer.

How the hell does she have so much volume in the picture? This is really hard. Pretty sure this is not supposed to be a difficult style. Maybe I need product. Is my head too big? My front locks are too short to cover that much of my forehead and get pinned at the back of my skull...

Do-able. It's ok. With practice, I'd like to make the back look a little cleaner.
 photo InspirationResult_zps97e74361.jpg

UPDATE: It fell out when I went for a walk. I gave up trying to fix it around 3pm when the frizz around my shoulders became unbearable.

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