16 Weird Things About Me

1:59 PM

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  1. Introvert or Extrovert? I'm not sure. After being with people for a while, I need to get away to recharge. But being alone for too long drains me too. 
  2. I rarely read magazines, but, when I do, I like to read back to front. It’s easier to tell if I’ll like an article if I start at the end of it. 
  3. That being said, I consider it cheating to ever skip forward in a book, movie or tv show. 
  4. If you cover my mouth, I will lick you. 
  5. I obsessively love roadtrips. The ache of wanderlust hits me every summer, and sometimes it’s all I can do just to keep chugging through the day to day. 
  6. I have read The Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit 2x a year every year since 4th grade. That's 28 times!
  7. I am terrified of getting attacked while asleep. If I have to sleep alone, the lights are on and Jim Dale’s voice soothes me to sleep. 
  8. It surprises people that I am actually not very geeky. I’m bad at video games. I barely know HTML. Facebook’s updates make me feel like a 92 yr old trying to find the computer’s power switch. 
  9. I don’t ‘ship’ book characters. That being said, I believe Hermione and Ron are a good couple
  10. I hate fingernails and toenails. Just the words make me cringe. It always conjures up images of fingernails being pried off. *shudder* 
  11. My boyfriend teases that I was hipster before their were hipsters, and it’s depressingly true. I loved (what was called at the time) indie rock bands, PBR tallboys, and watching independent films. Now I’m too cool, but look longingly back at the things the hipsters stole. 
  12. Worst friend. Seriously. I love hanging out with friends every once in a while and will always be there as a shoulder to cry on. But I don’t like going out much. And if we live far away, I won’t ever call unless I’m coming to town. 
  13. I want to be a cross between Tina Fey & J.K. Rowling when I grow up. 
  14. Puddles. I will jump in at least one every time it rains - unless I’m in NYC. You have no idea the shit in those puddles. 
  15. When in group, I have no problem turning on the charm and getting conversations going. But I'd rather hang out with your dog.
  16. I’m afraid of what lurks beneath the waves. Sharks and jellyfish in the ocean… Pinching crawfish in the lakes… Band-aids in the pool…

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