Why Did I Think Skydiving Was a Good Idea?

11:53 PM

The unexpected wind hit my feet, and any remaining bravery desolved. "Is it supposed to be so fast?" I shouted over the noise. The jumpmaster smiled curiously like he wasn't sure if I was joking. "We're going 80 mph. Get your hands on the beam and walk 'em out." The terror of clinging to the support beam of a little cropduster is nothing like letting go.  photo Skydiving2007_zps7a1431b2.png Waiting for his signal and clinging for my life, I believe those were the shortest seconds of my life. You let go in a "star" or X shape and pray the cord tying you to the plane pulls your chute. For the longest seconds of you life, freefall. Then the chute kicks in. Floating down seems peaceful and calm from the ground. From the air, it's all "This was a bad idea. This was a very bad idea."

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