Summer Camp brought to you by the San Francisco Writers Conference

11:47 PM

"Hello Literati!" Katherine Sands trilled as she swept into the room. Thus begins four whirlwind days of meeting other writers, learning writing and marketing, and chatting with agents and editors.

I cannot find all the words to express just how much I loved the San Francisco Writers Conference. True, someone forgot to bring friendships bracelets. And yes, there was an odd lack of campfire songs. But I'm still pretty confident I just spent part of February at summer camp.

The pangs of saying goodbye to people you just met are very real. I met so many people who just GET me. This isn't really common as an adult. Making friends is harder when you don't have the same teachers in common to complain about. Finding people with the same passions is thrilling. You can support and encourage each other. Help one another learn and connect. BFFs for realsies.

The damp and dreary New York City weather reflects my feelings right now. After warm, sunny San Francisco and sandals (oh sandals!!), this dirty city feels cold and unwelcoming.

I miss SFWC.

I miss my 40+ new best friends. All you had to do was walk up to a group. They would step back opening space for. Someone would introduce themselves and suddenly you were in. Perfect for a shy introvert like me... and pretty much every other writer in the room. Camp is about inclusion and trying new things. Never have I felt so accepted and privileged. We were willing to risk the one thing we are most protective of - our stories - for the sake of learning and sharing.

If you ever have the chance, go. 100% go. It's worth every penny.

I'm back in New York. Back to the rough quiet streets of the Upper East Side. Back to the day job. Back to the tiny studio apartment. I'm exhausted. I'm stuck in the city that doesn't sleep wishing I could just take a short nap.

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