11:40 PM

"You're kind of wild," she insisted.

So says my coworker as I argued that I am a very dull, comfortable type. It's true. My everyday is spent much the same as the one before. Compared to my fellow coworkers, I'm pretty tame. Give me a hot chai, sweatpants, teh internetz, and a book, and I'm golden.

But she had a point. Kind of.

What makes someone you admire "wild?" Crazy adventures, alternative lifestyles?

That's me. Skydiving, cliff jumping, blue hair, eyebrow piercing, multiple 1/2 country road trips

In the moment? Not so much. I'll get too cautious and focus on the risks and consequences. "What't the worst that could happen?" Don't worry. I'll figure it out. And then I'll try to talk you out of it. Just to be safe.

But after a while, I get bored. I get a bad case of wanderlust. Gotta get off my feet and out of this city. Flee for the hills. I'll plan the hell out of it and won't think about the consequences. Because the risk of death from a fail parachute is much less of a big deal than getting caught in the neighbor's pool...

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