The Writer's Workbench

1:09 AM

My poor, underutilized desk! So many days were spent building you from scratch, and yet you are neglected. Seriously, I love my workbench. However, I get antsy if I sit anywhere for too long. Just when my attention wanes or writer's block starts to creep up, I have to 'change perspective.' Usually this means laying out on the floor, sitting on the kitchen counter, moving out by the pool... I just can't stand being in one place for long. My desk is perfect for my many creative projects and plotting out my stories. As you can see in the image below, the index cards on the wall are all related to my current work in progress. It's helpful to have them all out where I can see them.

Top Shelf: Misc creative supplies: spare wood, yarn, fabric in old metal bait buckets

Wall: Index cards of story, Gilbert & George print, IKEA kitchen containers and rack for pens, pencils, markers, etc, Webcam for skyping home

Desk: Roofing square, wood clamps, external hard drive, spare index cards, current moleskin notebooks, Froder's National Parks guidebook, Lonely Planet's guide to travel writing, change tin, current story in hard copy

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