Going Barefoot, Kinda

8:28 PM

One New Thing:   I challenged my sister and I to try one new thing, an activity, place, etc every other week and blog about it. Unfortunately, I took ill during my first week. 4 days of curling up on the couch sporting a rudolph style nose meant little time for checking out the local roller derby league. This particular post isn't about something new this week, but 2 weeks ago. 

On December 25th 2011, I welcomed a new friend into my life. I'd like to introduce my new running buddy.

It took years, upon years of running attempts and failures. I started running regularly back in high school. It was wonderful. I loved every lap of it. Unfortunately, shin splints got the better of me. I tried everything I could to get over them. Well, everything I'd heard of or read: ice, more stretching, ibuprofen, more stretching, ankle exercises, more stretching, longer strides, more stretching... It always ends in "no more running." I tried all of that to no avail. Each break from the running eased the shin splints, but they never went away. They returned with every attempt at sport.

For Christmas, my parents gave me the Merrell Pace Glove. I've been running in them in the baseball fields by the local community center. It's been wonderful. I've altered my stride to suit the new shoes. At first I aimed for a mid-foot strike, but it was somewhat uncomfortable so I shifted to a forefoot strike. Hallelujah!

I've been jogging regularly in turns around the field with breaks at the bleachers for tricep dips and stretching. It's an incredible feeling to be out there in the fresh air. The grass and ground forgiving on my shins. It's incredible. I haven't had any of the problems of before.

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