New Job - Best Ever?

1:06 AM

When I left my safe, comfortable job in Marketing, I was a tiny bit concerned about my career future. Giving up full-time, salaried work with benefits like health insurance was a difficult decision to make. I wanted to move back into retail where I was more active and felt better fulfilled on the day-to-day. This was also a great time to work on what I really want to do: write. After the initial fears wore off, I subsided into a cozy unemployed state of writerdom. Nothing had really popped up on the Job Radar, and I was content to fill my 2,000 words/day quota. And then it happened.

Retail. Part-time Associates Wanted.

Bam. I dropped everything to spend almost an entire day submitting a rockstar application. Within days, I interviewed and accepted a position.

Training Part 1: Freaking Awesome. We spent three solid days getting to know the brand inside and out. We learned about our amazing customers and wonderful company. We played the kind of games that RA's try at the beginning of each college semester - but they were actually fun (and educational) - to identify about communication best practices. Best of all, we had a fantastic team-building day at the beach. We'd actually worked hard to get to know everyone throughout the week. The beach day just capped it off. We played volleyball, kickball, football & ultimate frisbee. It was awesome getting to know everyone on the team. It feels a bit like a bunch of camp counselors - without the babysitting.

Store Prep: The store is brand new. It's thrilling to be part of this store opening. We are all working hard to get everything perfectly in place. Prepping the store is a lot of hard work, but, with all these new friends, it's fun too. Everyday, I went home completely exhausted. Yet, I couldn't shut up about the fabulous people, store and company.

Training Part 2: Registers + Product Training. Wow. Lots of information to take in. There are so many things about sports apparel that I'd never considered. The brand is super technical about the fabrics they use and the features of every product. I'm already remembering the names of most items, but it's gonna be a steep learning curve for everything else. Certain pieces have mesh panels where we sweat the most, others have special fabric for wind, water, or insulation, the list goes on and on. I know I'll get it all in time, but wow. It's incredible to understand just how much they care about their customers and their products.


  • The company believes that all active women are athletes. You don't have to be an Olympic champion, daily runner, or triathlete. Athlete is a broad term that we can all stand under.

  • They truly creates clothing that makes sense. Sometimes you need something just for a gym workout. We have a technically advanced piece that will keep you feeling great the whole time. Sometimes you want clothes for a trip where you'll be walking everywhere. We have beautiful, wrinkle resistant clothing that fits in perfectly but allows you to be active - e.g. Our hike/explore skorts that are pretty enough to wear out for dinner but have a hidden short to make sure you don't chaf or flash the world as you run up the Spanish Steps.

  • Our return policy is the best on the planet. Buy it. Workout & get it sweaty. Doesn't work for you? Return it. No tags or receipt necessary. We just want our customers to be in the very best apparel for them.

  • My Store Manager is the best boss ever. She is as bubbly and excited at 6am as 8 hours later. From the very start, she has encouraged all of us to be ourselves - dorky as that may be - around each other and the customers. No one would ever want to disappoint her simply because she instills in us all a desire to be the very best.

I love this job!

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