Friday Pick-Me-Up

1:02 PM

Near the end of every work week, life feels a little heavier. Everyone has their own methods for ditching the frowns and burdens. I'm partial to a few awesome online smiles:

Gala Darling
Gala's focus on incredible self-confidence and positivity is absolutely inspiring. She comes across a bit like a big sister / best friend: direct, honest, & ever encouraging and a counselor: always compassionate and never judgmental. She openly admits that even she experiences negative moments but is always striving to push forward with positively. I try to emulate her confidence and optimism.
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Go to her website and read up. NOW. You must check out her Love & Sequins handbook/podcast. I think I've finally a little extra $ this month and am psyched to get it.

Color Me Katie
Full of color and wonder. That is how we see the world as kids. This wonderful blog from NYC is like stepping back into that mindset. Katie's every post includes bright color photos she takes from around the city and her travels. Whether she is decorating her apartment, creating child-like fun in the streets to make strangers smile, or working with Improv Everywhere, Katie retains that sense of amazement so many of us forget in our adult lives.
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Webcomics (my favorites)

Geeky Musicals
Star Wars: by Palos Verdes Peninsula High School (1996)

A Very Potter Musical: Starkid

A Very Potter Sequel: Starkid

Anyone else have websites and online videos that make the world a million times happier? Tell me!

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