Take off: CTIA

10:10 AM

As I prepare for the latest business trip, I am reminded of this awesome comic about plane travel by The Oatmeal...


It's time to start packing for the trip. Orlando will be incredible which tempts me to pack outdoor clothing. Realistically, I will have very little time outside and don't need sundresses and flip-flops.

Despite the fact that some information will be far too technical, I am looking forward to the convention. Telecommunications is a quickly changing industry, and every convention sparks new big news. Whether it's the latest tablet or talks of mergers and acquistions, something big will happen. At CES earlier this year, the Motorola Xoom and Android's tablet focused Honeycomb OS was all anyone talked about. Perhaps we will see changes in the giant Tier 1 carriers. Last I heard, T-Mobile might be in merger talks with Sprint. Whatever happens, it will be interesting.

I suspect blogging is my procrastination from loading up that suitcase right now... back to work. There's plenty of laundry left to keep me occupied.

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