Project: Valentine

11:19 AM


It's been a difficult secret to hide, but Valentine's Day finally came around. Last night, I unveiled the project I spent a good chunk of the weekend on...

...a tent! I drew up plans for the structure several months ago and the usual crummy weather of Valentine's Day seemed a perfect time to put it all in place. Thankfully, I had my mom's help for some of the construction. The tent is big enough to fit two grown people quite comfortable. That size made it difficult to wrangle the wood all on my own. The wood is a hardwood pine that lacks knots - I'd love to know how they do that. The fabric is a light sand color with threads of gold running through. It is really quite sturdy. I am proud to say I built it, mostly, by myself.

A little wine, homemade food, and Beatles playing in the background makes for a wonderful, romantic indoor picnic. Scott loved it.

I think it will make a great 'hideaway' in the future for tucking into my growing stack of books.

Select Pine - Home Depot
Screws - Home Depot
Drillbit w/ Countersink - Home Depot
Fabric - Hancock Fabrics
Globe Lights - Target
Picnic Blanket Fabric - Ikea
Breakfast Table - Goodwill

[caption id="attachment_678" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="original blueprints"][/caption]

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