12:17 PM

I read all day.

Articles, emails, blogs, tumblrs, text messages, instant messages

There a several constants I note:
Teenage drama.  Is it a new thing that every teen wants to be seen as paranoid, delusional, ocd, add, or depressed?  Sure i remember how we all competed for attention when i was that age, but to this extreme? Claiming actual medical conditions?  I am willing to believe that a few of these people really do suffer from that which they describe.  But surely we are not all afflicted, right?  There should be a medical condition for that: Hypodramachondriac.

Love.  You are young and your heart has been broken for the first time.  You are old and your heart has been broken for the millionth time.  These messages and stories are particularly interesting to me.  I have only been in love once, and I remain in that state currently. There was no “exciting shudders though my body” or “deeply romantic conversations til sunrise”.  I just knew.  I knew that he made me happier than anything.  Every once in a while I’d hit a moment of unadulterated excitement that thrilled me.  Mostly I just feel pure contented bliss.  I half-disbelieve and half-fear these stories of heartbreak.  Does it really feel that way?  Do you really find such a black hole?

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