Year End Accomplishments

7:26 PM

- Drove up the East Coast solo

- Moved back in with the family

- Moved back out...

- Applied to 2 graduate programs

- Decided didn't want an MBA

- Started this blog

- Took a summer off from the hectic life

- Started writing again

- Made new friends (3!)

- Renewed old friendships

- Took on the NAB show in Vegas

- Played sports I never thought I would (two touchdowns!)

- Breathed

- Lost weight

- Learned to cook

- Concentrated on career path

- Ran Oshkosh Turkey Trot (5 miles)

- Found contentment

- Worked as a barista

- Reconnected with old mentors

- Started a new job

- Traveled to London with my sister and dad

- And most recently, started a relationship

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