Driving through Canada

11:46 AM

Thoughts written while driving. txt and drive? psh. Paper & Pencil. I’m hardcore. (And apparently illegible. These are the ones I was able to decipher.)

  • My Garmin doesn’t work in this country.  I don’t know just how I’ll find my way to Michigan.  This is weird but oddly freeing.  For the first time I’m not tied into a route, time, schedule… There’s nothing driving me. Finally, free.

  • Canadian sky and landscape are so vivid they feel surreal.  You stare at the road before you half expecting the scene to rip down the middle at any moment.  Suddenly you’ll be driving across a falling away landscape.  Chunks of dark growing as you fall into the abyss.

  • Just think, a spaceship pretending to be a cloud would be perfect.  Imagine, we’d be caught completely off guard.

  • No run-ins with the Mounties.

  • Canadian radio loves them some Avril Lavigne.

  • Google Latitude hates Canada

  • How much does a car way in tons? 1 ton? half a ton? what’s a cubit?

  • Christina Aguilara’s “Come On Over Baby” still on the radio? Only in Canada.

And finally,

  • Why are border agents never friendly?  It must be depressing having to be a hardass all day.


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