What am I looking for?

11:27 AM

Thank God for Career Services.  Seriously.

I’d been wandering lost through job postings for ages unsure what to even search for.  After running into her at the St. Norbert’s new library, I made plans to meet with Mandy Nycz of Career Services who I worked with when I first starting applying for jobs as a college senior.  Over the last few weeks, we have met several times to discuss my interests and plot possible career paths.

This process suddenly feels a lot less intimidating.  We have been going through a number of exercises to help define my interests and what specifically I am looking for in a post.  With Mandy’s guidance, I have concluded that the following are the most important to me.

Values -  what I want in a work environment and position

  • Learning Opportunities

  • Independence

  • General Creativity

  • Project Work

  • Change and Variety

  • Technology

  • Advancement

Strengths -  my most important assets

  • Work Ethic

  • Loyalty

  • Imagination

  • Empathy

  • Thoroughness

  • Listening


  • Information

  • Writing

  • Technology

  • Variety of Environments

  • Learning

  • Planning / Coordination

  • Respect

So… What type of industries and environments have all this?

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