How to survive the work week

10:07 AM

Monday:  Get reprimanded by your boss over & over for things you didn't do.  Cry the whole commute home. Wonder if you were really cut out for the business world. Cry some more. Call Dad.

Tuesday:  It's only Tuesday?????

8am - Drag yourself to work to be told that a project that isn't due for another week and is almost done "Is taking FAR too long."  Try to joke about it in your head.  Fail. Try not to cry again. 

8:30am - Set up party plans for the wkend with friends.  Set "Anti-Work" theme.

9am - Get bitched out again. Make plans to finish off that bottle of Bushmills in your cupboard while finishing those graduate school applications.


How to survive the work week from hell? 

A bottle of whiskey & some awesomely cheesy 80's music.

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