Freshman Creepster

1:33 PM

Just days ago, my little brother (age: 14, height: TALL) texted me.  He wanted to share with me his excitment about being asked to the Sweetheart Switch Dance.  It's the Valentines Dance - Sadie Hawkins style. 

I got the dets:
She was just a friend. She asked him over Facestalk's chat. She was cute. He was happy.

Yay, right?

Well, I just found out yesterday that he cancelled on her. WHAT?? I would've killed my date if he had done that. Then again, we were voted cutest couple... :) Digging around for the reason why (were his friends teasing him? did he have other commitments? was he hoping someone else would ask ~murderous eyes~)

Turns out:  She was telling everyone they were dating.  Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Tried to go "in a relationship" Facestalk style.  Hmmm. Maybe he did/said something that made her think they had started going out?  Nope. He agreed to go to the dance. Thats it.  He cancelled when he asked if they could just go as friends and she said no, they were in a relationship. 

Kinda creepy.  forcing a relationship? epic weird. poor robster.


Anyone else had something similar happen to them?

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