Puppychow for Breakfast

10:01 AM

Seriously. This is what happens when a girl can't cook.  I'm drinking what's left of my Light Silk Soymilk out of the carton and nibbling on puppychow for breakfast at work.

I decided to be creative and make puppychow last week so I could have a snack at work. I've never made it alone before but it can't honestly take an hour! Come on! It took me ages to get it all to work together.  First there wasn't enough chocolate mixture. Then it wouldn't coat the chex, and stirring with the spoon was crushing it.  Finally, I had to dig in with my hands.  *shudder*  Never again.  Am I really this deficient?  Yes.  Yes, I am.

I got my hair done last night! I'm loving the super dark, long curls. Woo!

ps - I know everyone says YouTube has soooo many issues because they don't have a business plan and aren't making enough money yadah yadah. They have a dedicated audience and clear majority of the market.  And I still love them.  And I would totally work there. *sigh* Anywhere but here.

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