Make Me Happy

1:03 PM

Dear Fellow Blogospherians,


Finally Friday!!! Yippee!  The week took long enough, didn't it?  Everyone have big plans for this weekend of gorgeous weather?  I've a million "grown up" things to do this wkend like pay bills & check out the devestation that prolly is my 401k.  I should also clean the apt a bit and record my recent expenses to prep for my Budget Meeting 2.0*.  However, I'm still hoping to get in some fun like a picnic or some coffee shop time.  While I wait for the slow Friday hours to pass, here are just a few things that make me happy today:

  •  Boss - out of the office  *pause for happy dance*

  •  Jemma Kidd lipgloss in Hot Spot - I swear by it. (Thank you Target!)

  •  Twinings Earl Grey tea

  •  Digging out old Pearl Jam, Hootie, & Sister Hazel cds

  •  Politics!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

With Love,


*Budget Mtg part 1 happened right out of college when my parentals sat down with me and helped me to configure a budget.  I've asked for a 2.0 because this whole financial crisis? It's got me scared shitless.

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