Everybody's OCD

12:31 PM

Everybody has a bit of OCD in them.  I like to think that's true.  There always seems to be something that needs to be 'just this way' for you to think straight.  Nothing major; they're just little things. Am I right?

Here are a few of mine:

  •  M&Ms must be divided by color then flipped so the 'm' faces down

  •  Books, CDs, DVDs must be arranged alphabetically

  •  Idea, object, person* strikes my interest must be thoroughly researched over the course of the following days

I don't freak out or anything when something isn't right, but I compulsively must fix it before doing anything else. 

Yet, I can live with dishes in my sink & clothes all over the floor for days.  I can't handle my computer cords getting all wrapped up around each other, but I'll leave my half opened mail in various places about the apt. I'm so weird.


Anyone else have weird/normal OCD traits?
Or am I alone in this?

 * Person - applies only to people I will never meet like McCain & Obama, James McAvoy, JGL, etc.  And no, I don't want to know their sign/favorite color/first words.  Example:  I have to know everything I can about the 2 candidates for tax & economic plans so I can compare/contrast until an absolute decision is made.

**And BTW, I'm soo not stalker material.  Promise. The mere idea of researching a guy I'm interested in freaks me out something major.  If you come into contact with them, just ask.  Or, if you're chicken (like me *le sigh*) just wonder.

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