3:30 AM

Have you seen it?

Brick is out of this world. Film Noir.

The script is beautiful. It's like Juno meets A Midsummer Night's Dream but minus the sarcasm and overacting. The dialogue is so intense, so seemingly natural that Rewind becomes very important very quickly.

Visual is documentary meets Elephant. Real but not. There's excellent use of symmetry & negative space. It's won a million awards from Sundance & other indie festivals.

This is nothing like any other murder/drugs mystery thriller you've ever seen. Ever. The storyline whips around as Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) searches for the reason for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. The trail leads him through the local drug ring - but in a non-gang-movie way. As he sorts out all the lies and closed lips, you learn more & more about his own past. The story is woven together as each character contributes their piece. Overlapping & intertwining. Stunning in all aspects.

Any movie I have to watch more than 2x in the first rental needs to be bought. I'm buying this asap. Choppy & incomplete review, I know. I think in shards. Clips of visuals. Watch it Now.

"Keep your specs on."

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