My boobs are distracting

11:30 PM



On Monday, the Boss (female) said we needed to discuss my attire. I nearly died on the spot. She commented a few times when I had just started that I needed to "pull up my tank top" because people standing behind/next to me while I was sitting could see down my shirt. (ya think?) But this was the first time she really straight out said she thought a few of my past outfits were inappropriate. Get this, she says "So (*pointedly looking at my shirt*) starting tomorrow, please be more careful."

For the record, I know they're hard to ignore. It's cool. You can stare. I've gotten used to it & am not bothered. 9yrs of teasing does that. However, since the initial comment from her (over a year ago) I have never worn a shirt that shows a hint of boobage. Not even a shadow. Now that's worthy of an award.

So who the fuck of the 0-2 people I see a day is finding themselves distracted by completely covered* cleavage? Because I know you're all married!!! creeps.



In other news:

While I still don't have anything to sit on besides a foldable camping chair & the carpeting, I made soooo much progress on the new apt! I'd post pictures but my year old camera mysteriously stopped turning on. (from disuse?) I'll post them as soon as I can.

  • Bedroom is painted & I BUILT a bookshelf for it. Ok, so Dad helped.

  • Most of my framed travel pictures are hung

  • All my electronics are sorted and setup.

  • Even my closets are organized!!!


And in a record to end all records: Chris the Fish is still alive. But I think he hates me...

*Also, I usually end up topping off my shirt+sweater combo with my Northface bc the office is so.fucking.cold.everyday. wtf? How can I hide them any more???? Should I relocate to the basement? Find a chair that makes me 6ft tall while seated? erg. Fuck you Boss. Fuck you.

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