Confessions in Nerdiness

4:29 PM

Let's just put my nerd points all out there right now? k?

Starting with:  I crush on geeks.  I know!!! *shudder* What is wrong with me?  But for the record:  My crushes can not only replace my graphics card, but also fix a flat tire & change my oil.  Oh and cook.  They love cooking.  And hate Macs.


I have never been a Gray's Anatomy fan.  There is just something about your GA obsessed roommates' behaviors of "OMG SHHHHHHHHHH SHUT UP GRAYS IS ON" that kinda is a turn off.  I get the basics of it. They're doctors who screw around with each other a lot.  You know, like they do in RL. 

...or not.

So flipping the channels last night before an invigorating stint of Rock Band 2, I stopped randomly at the SexyDoctorDramaShow when I heard the words "like Hans Solo"            say wha?          Apparently, Boy lays in Cement and compares self to Hans Solo frozen in carbonite.  I giggle. Ooo! A stereotypical 'nerd line'.  It's funny when writers toss lines in here & there to say obviously this is a Geek.  But I stop laughing when ShortBossyDoctor goes off on him explaining an almost full history of Hans Solo.  I don't remember why she did.  But  WOW.  Rock on.   I love me unstereotypical nerds. 


I was late arriving for Rock Band last night - delayed by "yay I just set up my desktop. Maybe I should turn it on just to check for updates.  Ooo Warcraft icon. I haven't played that in aaaaggggeeesssss. (3wks. what? i just moved!) Maybe just a few minutes would be ok........... omg. I was supposed to be there an hour ago!!!"


I coded in HTML for fun when I was bored in class or procrastinating in the dorms.  I taught myself java. I adore photoshop.  I miss math.  (But I chose Marketing? weirdo)


And since I know CL will comment otherwise comment on it:  We were discussing why I play Warcraft III but not World of Warcraft.  "I just prefer strategy to role play types."   Makes sense right? I still don't see why it's so funny. Stop laughing. *pout*


And finally, Batman.  A few of my guy friends and I were discussing the awesomness of The Dark Knight over beers.  "Gah I love that movie. You know what's so sexy?"  N hazards a guess ("Batman's weird voice?") at the same time as I say "When the batpod breaks out of the crashed batmobile." *sigh* Gets me every time. Watch it again. You'll agree. It's H-O-T


Alright. There. It's all out there now.  I feel better now. 

Am I alone in this geekdom?

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