I'm with stupid

11:18 AM

She is not just a scene stealer & credit taker.  She is dumb as fuck.

We sit just across the hall from each other and tend to talk back & forth throughout the day.  She requests things, and I comply.  I am a rock star assistant.

"I'm a tactful, patient person." I repeat to myself when the going gets tough.  It's not like she asks for the moon (except she expects me to read her mind).  She just asks me things a normal person wouldn't.

Today in "A Day in the Life of a Rock Star Assistant"
I sent out an email inviting our employees to partake in a local run/walk event. The email had simple, explicit instructions for registering on the event's website. So far 27 people have registered & pledged. None have had difficulty with the website.

Boss: X? I'm on the website from the email you sent. How do I register and what's the password to get in?
Me: It's all in the instructions I put in the email. It's ********
Boss: Yea that didn't work.
Me: Well it was working fine this morning. Check to make sure you didn't add a space to the password.
Boss: I didn't. It's still not working.
Boss: X? I typed it in 3 times the same way and only the third time worked. You should check on why that is.

No. I should check my insanity levels and quit before I get dumber by standing next to you for too long.

Also covered in this conversation:
"It added an extra person. How did it do that?"
"It deleted all my family."
"It added my husband 2x now."
"You need to fix this process. Can't you change the run/walk's software? Like edit it?"

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