The cop at the door

10:30 AM

asked us if we'd heard any loud noises or had seen anything just after midnight.  At 12:45, I had already been asleep for almost 2hrs, so No. 

"Well, someone propped the lower door to the building open (bastards) and someone came up to this floor.  They kicked open the door to Apt#36.  The doorframe is all splintered and... well, kinda like this." (examines our splintered/repaired doorframe)

* * *

 Talk about an interesting nite.  Looking back on it, I was slightly unintelligable.  Ok, very.  Roomie and I were talking about it the next day - she figures the cop thought I was on crack or something.  I just kept talking and making no sense.  That sounds about right.  I remember the looks he gave me everytime I answered a question - it was as if I responded "Yes, I was here in bed all night.  The nap with the monkey who was short." Or "Was any fruit stolen when the burg-burger-burgerlery happened?" 

Really though, who takes a statement from someone who's wearing sweatpants under a nightie (it was cold) and a sleep mask pushed up on their forehead?

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