And they walk the stage

2:53 PM

I figured it'd be weird watching all my friends graduate without me, but it's not. I think having a year living an adult life away from them has been much harder. I can instead be excited for them as they walk the stage, start the job, move into the new apt.  Having already survived those "where's my cap & gown!" moments, I can focus on being happy for them because my life stress is minimal in comparison.

It is kinda scary thinking that this (if I let it) could be the last time I see many of them.  Everybody is moving somewhere.  I may suck at keeping in touch, but I love road trips, especially 'adult' ones - single w/ income and a set work schedule makes driving off for a wkend much much easier.

In related news: 

I love my car. I put 487 miles on my baby just this wkend. That brings us past the 15,000 mark in just 8.5 months. I pushed her all wkend and discovered a rate of 32.5 miles to the gallon. That sunshine & daisies when the going gas price is $3.79 per unleaded gallon.

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