I love guests!

2:52 PM

Bit scattered as of late.  Completely bogged down with work.  Gonna have to bring stuff home tonight to work on or it will never be done. blah.  Thank god for late night coffee shops, right?

Visitors this wkend!

Vegas is in 1 WEEK!!! I haven't been there since I was thirteen. Therefore, I'm clueless about the city.  Any of you who have been there - what should we do/see?  There are 6 girls - completely ridiculous partiers.  Thoughts? Suggestions?

Birthday (belated) Party the following wkend! Gotta plan...

Main Topic:

WiscoBlonde is coming to visit!!! Ooooo I'm psyched! I love having people over. Especially for the wkend when all workness can be forgotten.  Seriously, it is one of my absolute favorite things.  I'm a bit too casual to be a great tourguide / siteseer.  So I love it when people can feel comfortable just making themselves at home.  Even if it is just using the apt as a homebase while running about the city.  Love it! Ooo I love company. 

Now I just have to go home and make sure the apt is clean.

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