strange things abt me:

4:21 PM

Ok nobody tagged me, but I'm bored.

  • I dream every night, and I remember almost every dream.

  • I bite my bottom lip when I’m nervous. My first boyfriend pointed it out our first ‘date’ alone. I usually don’t notice now unless I break the skin. I bite my fingers too when I’m brainstorming.

  • I spent one summer biking 24 miles a day. From home to summer classes (9) from class to work (3) and home again along the same route (12). I didn’t half to take the extra class in the summer. I wasn’t paid for the internship. I didn’t get a tan. However, I did get hit by a soccer mom in a minivan and flew into the middle of a busy street. She got out, pointed out my sick bike, and drove away.

  • I have a fidget problem. Clicking, tapping, drumming, biting, cracking…

  • When I daydream about my future husband, I name him Jack. I just like the name. If I don’t marry a Jack, I’ll name my son that. If I prove unable to have children for some godforsaken reason, I’ll name my golden Jack.

  • I hate sitting in chairs. When my boss isn’t around, I sit on my desk with my laptop in my lap. I don’t know why I have to, I just think better there. This is also true for counters, tables & railings.

  • I am just not attracted to guys with their hair buzzed off. Grow some and maybe. I also don’t like blondes, anyone taller than 6’1”, or guys who aren’t completely obsessed with music.

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