12:31 PM


Hell Yes!  22 Years!

I'm celebrating by working out of headquarters today because I have a training session this afternoon.  In some ways it's kinda great because I got to go home & see my family & my dogs.  Went out last night with a college friend who was still in town while everyone else is off on spring break - we had a fantastic mom-cooked dinner, went to the cinema for Horton Hears a Who (cute!) and then ice creamed it up til 1am chatting. Good Time.  Good Times.

 The training session today is "Email Etiquette"

Yea. I'm learning how to write an email.  Huh. You'd think I would've picked up on that sometime during my college years.  If I haven't... oh fuck off. Really? A class on writing emails?  I will have to update you on this. Maybe it's really more complicated than I thought.  Probably not.  Eh.  Good waste of a day.

Who Cares!? It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

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