Depressive Post

5:51 PM

Feeling a bit depressive today.

Work is dull - especially since it's just me and a bunch of empty offices no lie. Ok, well the receptionist is here but that's it.  Trying to keep spirits up.

Dont know why it is - the stress maybe? I've been bringing work home most nights now - but I just have been slowly and destructively questioning everything I've done & am doing.  I didn't want to bring it up because I know there are a few of you out there who are currently looking for jobs.  I don't want to depress or scare you.

I just feel like I had this great life planned out from the day I turned six.  Now I feel a bit off track. Unfulfilled. Lonely. Frumpy.

My birthday is in a week. I should be psyched! Dancing in my chair. Freakedout excited. Planning planning planning for a huge bash.  Maybe it's because I don't have anything planned.  Trying to work around work schedules and spring break schedules of the few people I actually like... means we're aiming for a party 3rd wk in April. boo.  Dont get me wrong, I'm not down because I'm afraid of getting old. I've never really understood that bit.  I love my birthday.  I love getting older.  (just for you CL:) :::le sigh:::

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