boys next door

12:16 PM

NEW NEIGHBORS!!! Hells Yes!!! 

I noticed when coming home from work yesterday that loud noises at my end of the hall weren't roomie blaring music.  In fact, they were the sounds of an apparently huge sound system across the hall blasting some extreme action movie. 

Putting 2 and 2 together (cause I'm smart like that), I've determined that the apt that mirrors ours is finally full! AND it's got at least 2guys living in it.  Now before you get all "stalker!" on my ass, roomie and I determined this based on the loud voices, 2 bedrooms, and lack of 2day move-ins that most girls in the building do.

Which only means... Come St. Patrick's Day we'll be stopping next door with a plate of shamrock cookies (ok maybe guinness bc I hate cooking) to welcome them to the building.  Afterall, we need to apologize in advance for being loud neighbors (but hella fun!) and invite them out to the bars! Oh I love this idea.  They sound fun.  I wonder if they're cute too. :)

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