12:37 PM

I’m so bad at this willpower thing.

It used to exhibit itself really just when I was drunk.  I want to call guyofthemoment.  No no.  Shouldn’t call.  But I want to!  No no.  It will look clingy.  Besides you just talked to him yesterday.  But I want to!!!  Fine.  Embarrass yourself for all I care.  Yay!!!

It’s gotten worse I’m afraid.  Now that I’m in the Real World, I’m constantly reminded that I dress like I’m still in college.  I try really really hard not to!  Swear!  Still, it’s difficult to find tops styled for my age that are appropriate for work.  In fact, the majority of my tops aren’t.  I live by the ‘just toss a tanktop underneath’ rule… which has made my boss (with 2 daughters my age) remind me from time to time to ‘keep the tank up.’  psh.  as if I’m trying to show the whole office my chest. really.  So I’ve a penchant for looking at gorgeous clothes online.  I used to be really good about ShoppingButNotBuying. However, my credit card bills in the last 2months have nearly doubled – and it’s not because of Christmas.  Damn.

However, the good news is that I’ve recognized the problem before I end up further in debt (still got those London, School & Rabbit loans).  Anyone else have willpower problems? Buying / Drinking / Smoking / Opposite Sex based??? Or is this just me?

So now will just have to dream up new and exciting fantasies while drudging through the re-writing of 48 more in house resumes. hmm…

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