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I hate you Giants.

I hate you Packers.  WTF kind of game was that???  Why the fuck did you decide to practice INDOORS with a frozen football?!?!?!  That is NO way to prepare for the freezing temps!  You KNEW you were gonna play in -25 degrees (wind chill).

via NYT Against Giants, Breaks Don’t Go Favre’s Way

I know it's cold out.  We go through this every year.  But seriously?!?! to the GIANTS???  Way to drop the ball.  Literally.  Over and over.  You got lucky with so many breaks like that shit kick from Tymes in the 4th.  Can't luck your way into the Superbowl.  And you sure as hell would've been stomped had you actually made it to Phoenix with throws like that last interception.  Brett, come on.  Really?  You're better than that.

Packers, I still love you.  Deep deep down.  Give me 6months to recover from this game.  Then we'll be back full force.  Fans behind you.  100%. 

via The Frozen Tundra

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