At work...

10:21 AM

sometimes I zone out and forget I exist.

…then my boss calls and I teach her how to use bullet points in Microsoft word. Exciting day.

So I had this wonderfully long and juicy post all typed up and ready to throw at you, but I decided to regroup.  I don’t yet want to step on toes and want to make some calls first.  Plus, I woke up early to some stellar Fever Marlene on the radio and finished my sun saluations before 6:30am.  What a great start to the day.  That's right, you're jealous.

Yesterday, as I was making the 47 min. commute home, I had an epiphany.  What did you learn in 2007?  Because I learned a hell of a lot.

  • I can handle being on my own.  There’s a lot of growing up that I had to do in college, and I saved quite a bit of it for the summer after.  I’m not as childish, snotty, annoying or caustic.  Promise.

  • I can cook!  I started trying the vegetarian thing a few months back and all of a sudden I’m learning how to make the most delicious things!  (I'll post my Banana Bread & Linguine w/ Edamame Pesto recipes at some pt. Mmmm)

  • I actually like kids.  Strange.  Granted in small amounts but it’s progress.

  • I can trust!  Crazy I know, but I never fully trusted anyone – you know, part of that whole commitment issues things.  Recent events... (story TBP later) 

  • I’m totally okay with all the “mistakes I’ve made” because I dont call them that. They’re just experience to me.  Therefore all future instances will no longer be tagged as such.

Yes, me me me.  So tell me, did any of you learn anything interesting this past year?  I doubt it. losers. *a-wink*

From the Xmas Reading Catchup:

Why I love Gadfly:
Reading this – in all it’s language and verbage – very WSJ but very understandable – made me walk away feeling a bit brighter. Oh the joys!

Take 2mins and check out Fever Marlene.  If you don't love Red Fire, Fast Machine or All the Colours... I think I'll cry.

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