Allergic to Everything

9:30 AM

Well, not quite.


Don’t much mind the teasing. It’s only natural really.  I mean really, sometimes I think I should live in a bubble.  It be a total turnoff at the bars though.

But I’m gonna whinge anyways so deal with it.

Let’s see… well… I’m allergic to:

  • Cats (it’s cool; they’re the devil anyway)

  • Pine trees (fake xmas trees only please!)

  • Birch trees

  • Oak trees

  • Maple trees

  • Actually all trees pretty much

  • Fresh cut grass (never got me outa mowing the lawn though)

  • Pollen

  • All Nuts (… you done? Believe me, I’ve heard it a million times)

  • Sunflower (that sun.oil is in EVERYTHING these days)

  • Fresh fruit & Fresh veggies (it’s a protein in their skin so they gotta all be skinned & cooked)

  • Peas
    …something else. I can never keep track of it all.

Plus I’m lactose intolerant and trying a vegetarian diet.  Crazy I know, as meat is one of the few things I can eat without breaking out in hives.  But eh.  Lately though I just miss fruit.  Fresh pineapple.  mmm.  Apples.  Oranges.  Kiwi.  You don’t even know how lucky you are.

So if I start whining about how much I miss fruit.  Please take a moment, picture me like this:
via Wired's Sad Story of 'Boy in the Bubble'

Laugh to yourself, and then just nod and look sympathetic.

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