Life is Wonderful

3:57 PM

When you’re bleeding out your ears with work to be done, it’s difficult to find time to slack off.  However, I am very talented.  Thank you, thank you. I know.  It’s challenging, but I manage.

As I needed a good reason today to shift from the piles sitting before me, I decided enough with this snow.  I love it. I live it. Come on, you have to if you’re gonna survive here.  However, I’m in desperate need of snow boots.  I have none and something needs to be done before I’m found curled up dead in the ice 3days after I went out to shovel out the Rabbit.  So slacking off…

Since I’m online dicking around anyway I might as well read up and see what I’ve been missing… Life really is wonderful as there are a million new updates from the last few days! Thank you all so much for providing fresh/juicy/funny nonsense posts!  Just for you, I’ve also dredged up some of my favorite posts for your giggling enjoyment.



…and I know I’m the only one here who cares, but…

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