Free at Last

11:22 AM

Good News Kids. I've spoken to IndieGuy a few more times without heartflutters & whatnot. Just friends joking around. I have missed talking to him. It's nice to just be friends again.

To explain a little - this is the kid I fell for 2 summers ago. Allie has been ...impatiently... praying for me to get over him ever since. We only went out on a 2 dates. My lack of uber excited posts of these spectacular moments just shows I had no time for computers when Indie and I worked together.


Ok so I just wrote a super long pretty post all about the whole past situation. However, it’s not really necessary so I deleted it. The reason I was nervous about talking to Indie again was because I realized I couldn’t be trusted to be able to flirt and walk away knowing that, whether by choice, rejection, or distance, we could never actually date.

The difficulty is that there are very few people who I feel I can truly relate to on another level. When I find someone who can make me cry laughing, it’s hard to let go. Indie and I have just always connected so perfectly with conversation. I haven’t ever so completely enjoyed just being with someone before. However, we never really got past the flirting stage. Even though I haven’t seen him more than 2x since that summer, we fall back into that same mode of joking around and whatnot over the phone.

Hence why I drove my ex-roomies crazy when I wasn’t interested in any other guys or got bored with them too fast (like Patriots) because I was still so stuck on having fun with him.

BUT all is good. We can joke around and be friends without me wondering “if” Happy day! That’s such a good feeling.

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