a pinch of trickery

1:40 AM

So I meant to be writing a rather scathing report of my last, oh... 5 days spent sharing this darling apartment.  However, I just finished downing 2 strongbows and watching Stardust.  So I guess not tonight.

"Ever try to get bloodstains out of a silk shirt? Nightmare."

Stardust is wonderful. Magical.  Hilarious.  Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro...  all led by the ever to-die-for gorgeous man:  Charlie Cox.  Don't let his first looks put you off.  He gets better looking.  Promise. (only guy I've actually liked with longer hair.) Actually don't let your first impression of the film put you off.  It just keeps getting better and better.

Pfeiffer looks amazing as always.  After seeing her 'new youth' complete with sparkling strands of hair, I think I'd rather like to try that once.  I doubt it'd seem trashy or 13 going on thirty.   Robert De Niro takes the cake.  He fills the role so well, but definitely a see it to believe it.

The whole movie has an air of a Grimm fairytale although told with enough humor to lose some of the 'dark'

Anyhow.  It's appropiately fantastical and rather heartwarming.  The perfect movie for a night in alone spent working on presents and reliving a bit of childhood.

love love. maybe i'll pull out my old copy of LOTR again....

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