Vegas Baby!

2:26 PM

vegasI must’ve rubbed up against some little 4-leafed clover recently. Or maybe all those travels to Ireland are finally paying off. Either that or I am just so damn LUCKY!

Recently, via my favorite stateside magazine Lucky, I won $100 gift certificate to Kiehls. I got a shit-ton of the most amazing products! Then I filled out one of those raffle tickets for a Win Super Bowl tickets at the last football game I went to. I ‘won’ a trip to Vegas – flights & hotel stay! Now I say “won” because it was actually just an incentive to get me to sit for an hour and listen to a sales pitch about vacation packages, but I got the trip anyway for just attending the pitch. Woo!!!

I’ve decided to use the trip over spring/easter break. I’ll have been working for almost 9months by then and will have some vaca time racked up. Since most of my friends are still in college – we’re thinking about meeting up in Vegas for their break.

I’m extremely excited for the trip. I haven’t been to Vegas since I was a kid… which meant early bedtimes. Now I can go drink, party, and lose $$$!!! What could be better?!

Bright Lights, Big City - The Rolling Stones

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