Catching Up

12:46 AM

So I’m a little behind. No big deal. Only 176 posts left to catch up on from my Google Reader. Would be a lot less if The Daily Dish wasn’t posting 20 a day.

Bored at work again. I can’t help it. It’s not like I have nothing to do. It’s just dull stuff. I hate being stuck in a job where there is NO ONE HERE. The office is insanely quiet everysinglyfuckingday. It’d be fine enough I guess if I had fun stuff to do, but it’s work and a lot of busy work at that. Scary enough, I have wandered through a whole day without talking to a soul a few times now. My roomie can be pretty busy what with the last few weeks of college. Sometimes I don’t even see her leave her room. At work, if my boss is gone… I prolly won’t see anyone unless Payroll gets bored or FrontDesk has a computer problem.

I want people, chatter, arguments, laughing, phones ringing, music playing… Any noise whatsoever would be Fabulous. And I want color!  I’m so tired of these drab neutral walls. Everything here is either black, tan or gray. Hence my addiction to Desire to Inspire and Oh Joy!

I want to work at a magazine. Can you just imagine the noise and busyness? People everywhere! Totally creative, sometimes petty, always drama... a whole lot better than doing marketing for a bunch of engineers

Ps – I’m totally in love with this wallet from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s a little bit sophisticate, a little bit rocker. But I cannot afford it right now. I can’t I can’t I can’t. But I WANT IT!!! Boo.


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