Working in the Real World

11:50 AM

I’ve been working at my new job (first real job) for about 4 months now, and today I finally connected with one of the other people here.  Over what?  Vacation scams and gambling ex boyfriends.*  Sweet huh?  

I like the job well enough.  I get to do marketing, which is what I studied in college.  Being the youngest though also makes me the office bitch.  100 photocopies of this, cancel that, send this, fix that.  It’s special.  I know I just have to pay my dues, and it will all get better as time goes on.  That will be a while though.  Already 2 people have started since I’ve been here and I’m still the gopher.  Why?  Because I’m the youngest.  At 21 I highly doubt they’ll hire someone younger for a while yet.  Woo.


The office is pretty traditional.  Out of 30 people in the office on a more regular basis only 8 are women.  Despite our roles in marketing, managing & finance, we are relied upon for the basic tasks of keeping everything in the office shipshape for the men.  It should bother me more than it does, but I guess I’ve just accepted it.  Ah well, I can’t count on them to know how to fix the copier so I’ll just do it myself.  My work really isn’t as important as theirs, yet.

*I don’t know if I count that guy as an ex-boyfriend. Due to my fierce commitment issues, we ‘dated’ and only for about a month. eh.

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