The Lust List

5:12 PM

Shopping! Yea, I know, not quite as exciting as you were hoping. I was just thinking about my bad shopping habits. It’s kinda sad I think when your priorities are sooo off that you’ll rethink buying a $20 necklace but dropping $200 on a handbag is no big deal. oops.

So currently I’m lusting for…

  • Black Trench

  • Blackberry - no f’ing clue why. have never wanted one ever til i saw a guy playing with it in class then i just HAD to have it.

  • Black dressup/dressdown flats

…noticing a trend in black? must be all this shitty winter weather…

  • Massage - classes and job hunting are shit stressful

  • Diamond Studs - decent size please!

  • Manchester United jersey - Rooney

  • Oh and of course, an engagement ring just like this one from Tiffany’s (so the fuck what if i dont have a bf)

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